At the shows.....


Our dogs are pets first, but since the mistress of this house loves to go to dog shows it's inevitable that our dogs are in the show ring once and awhile, I am really grateful for the results through the years, here are some pics from shows; (Please consider that a dog here in Sweden can not finish as a champion before 24 months of age, no matter how much they win!) All my dogs are owner handled.

Zarah BOB veteran 8 october 2017

Zoraya 9 months

Nikita BOS 8 okt 2017

BOB och BOS 8/10-2017. Facklan's TNT and Tequilaville's Fabulous Fiffi

Nikita BOB with CAC and champion 8/7-17

Zigge BM-3 with CAC 8/7-17

Shakira BB 4 with CAC 2016-10-15.

Nikita BOS with CAC 11/6 2017

BOB and BOS with CAC Nikita 2015!

Best Breeders group 2016 where also Jamie was BOB and Vivian BB2 with CAC!

BOB and BOS 2014! Uno och Jamie. Both became champions the same day!

Jamie Swedish champion! 2014-07-12

BOB in Estland med CAC and Estonian champion! BOS Saharanda Adonis Vernalis, "Verner"

The day after Cicci BOS och Verner BOB! Cicci got also Cacib and became International Champion!

Cicci BIR och Strix BIM 2012-04-14 Foto: Tarja A Lundgren

Birk BIR och Cicci BIM 2012-04-15 Foto: Tarja A Lundgren

Zara BOS with CAC! 2010-10-09

Zara BOB in Sundsvall 2010-10-10!

Winnie BOB as a veteran Sept 2010! At 9,5 years old:-)

Next day she took BIS 2 Veteran!

BOB at 1 year of age:-)

Zara in action!

Zara BOB and CAC for judge: Tanja Ahlman Stockmari

BB class Zara, Cicci, Ida and Winnie

BOB and CAC for judge David Flynn 2010-05-22 Photo:Lena Staffansson

Hombre BOB, CAC, Se uch and BIS 4 2010-05-23,
Photo Marie hman Westling

Zara Group 1 puppy 7-9 months

BIS puppy 7-9 months!

Nani (Tequilaville's Nanette Blanc Et Noir) BB-4 In Helsinki Nordic Winner show
and Wilda (Tequilaville's Xtravaganza) Nordic junior Winner, CAC and BB-3!

Cheers ti two nice girls!

Winnie BOB & BOB veteran in Stockholm 23/8-09! BOS Bamse's Fantastic Friend
Thank you judge Juha Kares!

Me and Cicci in BB- class 6/9-2009

BB- class in Alfta 2009

Cicci Group -4 2009, almost 1 year old!

Cicci blev BIR-valp p Lilla Stockholm april-2009!

Winnie took BOB and BIS veteran at the specialty 2009!

Ruthie BOB with CAC12/7-08

Ruthie BOB with CAC 2/8-08, BOS is Protyn's Cacique Arawak,
Photo Kerstin Rattfeldt


Lisa has been very successful at the shows, with 1 BOB, 2 BOS, 3 CAC's so far. She became the 3:rd most winning havanese bitch in Sweden 2005.
Became Swedish champion in Oct-07!