Dec 13, 2019

Some new and old pics :-)

Shakira (left) och Bianca (right), like twins!

Bella och Eliz, 7 months

Bosse and his friendBaloo

Chippen 9 months! From Nikita/Rio

Zarah Sundsvall 8/10-17, 8 years BOB veteran

BOB och BOS 8/10-17 Judge: Susan Kealy, Irland

Nikita 8/10-17

Zoraya 8/10-17 9 months old

Jamie Swedish champion. July 2014

Winnie, July 11, 2014. At 13,5 years

Cicci BOB in Estland with CAC and Estonian champion! BOS Saharanda Adonis Vernalis, "Verner"

Day 2 in Estland, Cicci BOS and Verner BOB! Cicci also took Cacib and became International Champion!

Beautiful CaraMia champion!

Cicci's pretty daughter, Tequilaville's Dream Girl, aka "Sandra"

Cicci BOB and Finnish champion! Photo: Marjo Heikka

Cicci BOB in Finland! Handler Anette:-)

Ruthie 5 years old

Shakira 1 years old

Zarah at 3 years

Winnie at 11 years

Audgerd at 2 years old

Jamie at 8 months old

Ceasar 9 months old, lives with Linda Cosner, Kimbriel's kennel

What a handsome guy!:-)